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Starting your business or investing internationally often leads to complex acquisition structures with legal entities and reporting obligations in multiple jurisdictions, and the need for a financial feasibility study and asset valuation. More than in any other part of business, the success of your structures rely on knowing the local regulations and market intimately and on how to develop and implement an effective business development plan.

We offer a comprehensive range of services to assist clients including: analyzing competitive advantages, establishing global expansion objectives and targets, conducting market research, identifying global expansion opportunities, developing implementation strategy, setting up overseas operating corporate structures, and providing project management services. In addition, our dedicated legal team members, work in close collaboration with our clients’ advisors and can use their knowledge of local laws and regulations to guide our clients through the complexities of cross-border compliance.

Our team of Business Start-up Consultants has extensive hands-on experience and understanding of global markets and regulations. Our unique expertise in Business Start-up, Branch Openings, trade finance, global industry analysis, market entry analysis, international project administration, relationships with local governments and businesses enable us to provide invaluable services to our clients.