Beconsi Burlington helps textile companies to gain a competitive edge, improve performance and unlock growth. We are specialists in all aspects of the textile supply chain, from fibres and yarns through to made-up textiles, clothing and household fabrics.

More importantly, we understand the challenges which the textile supply chain faces today: international trade agreements, sustainable manufacturing processes, corporate social responsibility, labour costs and competition from low-cost countries, political uncertainty and disruption to factories, smart textiles, artificial intelligence, fast fashion, branding, international quality standards and compliance – just to name a few. Textile companies are challenged to adopt flexible and agile operating models that can quickly react to market developments and capitalise on growth opportunities.

Beconsi Burlington offers a personalised service that adds value to your business through the transformation of operating models, innovation, and supply chain management. Our comprehensive service incorporates specialist industry knowledge, strategic excellence and technical capabilities that provide conclusive diagnosis and a roadmap to help you to achieve your objectives.

Our framework enables textile companies to be ready for the advent of “Industry 4.0” – a digitally-incited industrial revolution that is set to profoundly disrupt all aspects of the manufacturing process.